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COVID-19 Live Statistics plugin for WordPress

Live statistics tracking the number of confirmed cases, recovered and deaths by country or global due to the COVID-19.


  • Real-time update the number of confirmed cases, recovered and deaths.
  • Shortcode flexible, allow display everywhere in your site.
  • Display by country or global.
  • Flexible customize label, title.
  • Optimized speed.
  • Multiple styles.
  • Responsive mobile
  • Dark mode


Easy for customize the title, labels….
Can use everywhere on your site like post, page, widget…


  1. Upload the plugin files to the “/wp-content/plugins/covid-19/” directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” screen in WordPress.

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks is disable update notifications for WordPress themes. All theme check for update on, regardless of whether it was developed custom for a client or built by a commercial theme shop (themeforest, mojothemes, etc…) . This can be a problem if a new theme gets added to that has the same name as your custom or commercial theme.