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Avada WordPress Theme Review 2018 – Number One?

Avada Theme claims that it is the number 1 selling WordPress theme of all time. Not sure I believe that, but that amount of sales is quite impressive. Avada has been around for 5 years and always in Popular Items of WordPress theme on themeforest.

Avada WordPress Theme Review: Key Features

  • Back-end Page Builder
  • 38+ demos to pre-made fully featured websites.
  • Hundreds Of Theme Options
  • WooCommerce Integraton
Avada WordPress theme review
Avada WordPress theme review

Avada WordPress Theme Review: Things To Consider

Avada is widely regarded as a slow bloated theme. I think that is because of 2 things, prior versions and the current version has a backend page builder that for me was very slow to work with. The reason I believe the sales are so high is, well, marketing. How many times have you purchased something based on the demo, only to later discover that it’s really hard to use and wasn’t what you expected?

My main issues with it are with its page builder. First, it’s a back-end page builder which is really a thing of the past. Back-end page builders are not intuitive to use and you will waste so much time having to go back and forth, on the front end and back end to verify every little change.

Second, the Fusion Page Builder has content lock-in because it’s shortcode based. This means Avada for life, if you want to make a change in the future, you have to start from scratch. This is why I don’t like to recommend using a page builder that is tied to a theme. It’s a bad idea all around.

Regarding the age of the Avada theme, logically you think if a theme has been around for 6 years then it must be good. But the reality is, there is usually something called “tech debt” or “legacy code” which means they have to leave chunks of code in there to prevent their first user’s websites from breaking. This is a big negative and most likely why the theme options are not in the customizer.

Cost should also be a consideration. It is currently $60. Most themes allow unlimited installations, mostly because they are GPL licensed (Avada is not GPL licensed), but that is not the case with Avada. I’m not complaining about the cost, but I do think it is something to consider.

For support, you only get 6 months. I think that is not enough. You can extend the support, but at a cost (18$).

Lastly, I am not a fan of huge multi-purpose themes like Avada. They tend to produce slower websites where to have to spend a significant amount of time optimizing and then managing that optimization after every update.

Avada Theme Coupon / Avada Theme Discount

There are currently no active Avada Coupon or Avada Discounts available.

Avada WordPress Theme Review: Summary

In my opinion, the Avada theme is a bloated WordPress themes. Sure some people like the fact that there are hundreds of settings and options to tinker with, but I personally prefer all theme options in the customizer. I would cut them some slack if it was easy to use and work with, but with a back-end page builder, it’s not as easy or intuitive to use as it could be if it were using a front-end page builder.

For your website you want it to be lean and fast which will create a pleasant visitor experience and site speed that Google will love. You could get there with the Avada theme, but it will require effort in optimizing the website.

While I can’t recommend Avada based on the limitations listed out, as you can see below there are some really passionate users out there.

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