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WooCommerce sale flash in percentage

For those who are familiar with WooCommerce, you may also be aware of its sale-flash functionality. This is primarily used to display when an item is on sale. 

In this article, we’re going to take a look at how we can customize and improve the WooCommerce sale-flash display to show the discount percentage.

WooCommerce’s sale-flash is visualized in the archives and single pages for the sale products, i.e. the products that have a Sale Price lower than the Regular Price.

Add the scripts below to your theme: functions.php

And result

At this point, the customization of the sale-flash is done.

And this our plugin to add WooCommerce Sale Countdown and Sale-Flash in Percentage

Free download here:

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks is disable update notifications for WordPress themes. All theme check for update on, regardless of whether it was developed custom for a client or built by a commercial theme shop (themeforest, mojothemes, etc…) . This can be a problem if a new theme gets added to that has the same name as your custom or commercial theme.