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The ways to customize default avatar in WordPress

Customize default avatar in WordPress has never been easy than now. Let’s us show you how to change the boring WordPress default avatars.

There are 2 extremely simple solutions: using a plugin or code.

1. Add custom default avatar using WP Avatar plugin

– Install the WP Avatar plugin

– Visit Settings » Discussion, click on Choose an Image to upload or select avatar.

– Select your custom default avatar image, click on Save Changes button.
Customize Default Avatar

2. Use code to customize default avatar in WordPress

– Add the following code to functions.php file of your theme (or child theme) or a site-specific plugin.

Note: You have to replace $newavatar value to the URL of the custom avatar image you uploaded.

– Visit Settings » Discussion and you will notice your custom default avatar added to default avatar choices.

Hope the article help you learn how to add custom default avatar for WordPress websites. Good luck and don’t forget to show us your avatar 🙂