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Deploy Bitbucket to shared hosting via FTP [Tutorial]

The files on Bitbucket being updated on every commit and do you have difficulty in deploy Bitbucket to shared hosting via FTP? I will show you an easy solution right now.

You can use the new Bitbucket tool, Pipelines! Configure a new pipeline file:

Before committing, let’s create the environment variables $FTP_USERNAME and $FTP_PASSWORD in Settings -> Environment variables.

After commit and pipeline run successfully, edit the source code and change the “git ftp init” to “git ftp push” and commit to auto sync the files on your shared server.


deploy Bitbucket to shared hosting via FTP

For more information, check out here:

You can completely deploy a website, a WordPress theme or Plugin, etc.. by this way from Bitbucket repository public or private to your server.  Good luck!