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Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks is disable update notifications for WordPress themes. All theme check for update on, regardless of whether it was developed custom for a client or built by a commercial theme shop (themeforest, mojothemes, etc…) . This can be a problem if a new theme gets added to that has the same name as your custom or commercial theme.

There’s a couple ways to get around this issue.

Name Wisely

Themes hosted on are not allowed to use “Theme” or “WordPress” in their name. So, if you’re developing a theme for a client- you could call the theme “[Client Name] Theme”. e.g: Avada Theme
This is the best option as it works in all cases.

Version High checks are based on theme name and version. So, if your theme has a really high version number- it’s unlikely to find an update. You can also increase the version of a theme that is available on that you don’t want to see updates for.

However, this is not a silver bullet as some theme authors also use high version numbers, such as the date of their release, e.g: 20180426

Disable WordPress Theme Update Checks With Code

There’s a way to disable automatic updates from your theme code- but this can also be problematic as it only works while the theme is active. If your client were to switch themes temporarily, they might see an update notice.

But here’s the code for that, put into functions.php on your theme:

Hope it is helpful for you!